Alexander Krasotkin


Tree of Life


In this picture, Ive tried to captivate the essence of life. All its elements are here. The tree is a symbol of life and destiny. It grows from the soil, but I have purposefully put it into water, which is our natural environment before birth. Here and there, the water is clean, reflecting the clouds in the sky illustrating our eternal pursuit to the unknown future and further to the borderline between life and death. The tree is stretching into the sky, and its crown is touching the light. Left at the bottom are the blobs of light. Perhaps, it is our soul. Being itself an origin of light, it is vibrating and sending impulses to the entire picture.

Twigs of the neighbouring trees are stretching towards the big tree. They are our nearest and dearest. We grow together and share one light. Weeds and dry leaves are thorns. They scatter themselves through our lives and bring natural chaos, worries and disorder. Wind blows in from time to time and cleans the surface of the pond. Again and again, the trees of our lives reach up to the sky, where are souls are soaring

Moscow, may 2012

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