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My Country

I spent my childhood in Rybinsk, an old Russian town which stands on the bank of the Volga river. Perhaps this is why I had no difficulty establishing my own photographic content. This province is one of outstanding natural beauty, unique character and reveals typical daily life as well as destiny of a real Russian person.
As time went by, I became engrossed in a wealth of Russian literature and art paintings, and as a result my photographic landscapes and portraits have become more and more alive. Gradually I turned my focus towards picturing people in their living environment, highlighting both their emotions as well as characters. Despite a lot of travelling over the years, I have never experienced such a rich palette of feelings as the one I am able to achieve in my home country. It allowed me to capture the whirlpool of strong emotions associated with my mother country— from the bitterness of the recent dark past to the hope for renaissance.
But beyond everything is the immortal music of Russia’s four seasons, namely; crunching snow, roaring spring waters, breathtaking summer thunderstorms, and fading autumn.
And I always know that wherever I go, my heart will always treasure that stirring look of the Russian woman, melting sunset and roads which always bring me home…


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